"Accelerating recovery in orthopedic and sports injuries"

The Triathlete and Endurance Athlete Institute for Rehabilitation

As a Triathlete, wouldn’t you prefer to see a practitioner that is also an endurance and multisport athlete who understands your sport?

Forward Motion Physical therapy is the home of the Triathlon and Endurance Athlete Institute for Rehabilitation specifically geared towards efficient and applicable rehabilitation for triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers. Our goal is to keep you training and get you to the starting line healthy in order to achieve your optimal levels of performance.

Forward Motion Physical Therapy offers accelerated rehabilitation of Sports Medicine and Orthopedic injuries through one on one attention from a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist Dr. Abigail Smith.

Abigail Smith, DPT, SCS offers multisport athletes her clinical expertise combined with her own experience in racing. This two-sided approach helps patients recover from injury and participate at their highest potential.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, sprinter or IRONMAN, Forward Motion Physical Therapy enthusiastically welcomes all.