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I went to see Dr. Smith in the spring because I was having problems with my shoulder and my Achilles tendon. She accurately diagnosed the cause and location of my injuries and worked with me to create a rehabilitation plan that worked with my busy schedule. I can’t thank her enough for helping me work toward a pain-free summer that allowed me to continue the swimming, cycling and running that I enjoy. Beyond her skill as a professional, I really valued her caring nature and genuine concern with getting me back in the pool and out on the road.


Forward Motion Physical Therapy was a big part of my 2013 training season. After an early season hip injury slowed my training, Abi got me back on track in a few weeks. The rehabilitation that she did with me built up my strength and got me back to racing form so that I could qualify for World Duathlon Championships. Its great to have her as part of my training team.

Brady Hardy, TotalTraining Endurance

I have been fortunate enough to work with Abi over the last few months for a torn meniscus that was affecting both my daily activities and my training for cycling. Abi has improved my injury significantly and has made it possible for me to continue training and competing without surgery. Abi not only possesses the knowledge and experience to vastly improve injuries but has a solid understanding of an athlete’s commitment and devotion to their sport. In this way, she is able to successfully develop programs for rehabilitation for sports injuries without sacrificing their training. Abi is excellent at listening and understanding her patients and individualizing programs for them. Being in healthcare myself, I recognize the value of someone like her and would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Lois C. Duke, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

In the middle of a 16 week training program preparing me for my second marathon I was hit with IT band syndrome. The pain was significant enough to preclude me from running more than a mile and faster than a slow jog. I looked to Abi for guidance and I was glad that I did. I worked with Abi for about six weeks while I slowly ramped up my distance and pace. Abi put together a home program for me which I followed and she augmented as needed as I showed recovery progression. My home sessions were combined with sessions with Abi in which she led me through a series of stretches and strength-building exercises. In the end, I recovered quickly enough and was able to put in enough injury-free miles that I successfully completed the marathon.

Working with Abi was great. She is a great listener, adjusts the program as needed so as to get you back on the road quickly but safely, and Abi was with me and only me the entire time during my physical therapy sessions.

The next time I have a running injury (and I’m sure there will be a next time), there is no question that Abi is the first and only call I’ll make as step one towards recovery.

Rich Milliman